Requirements of College Attendance

North Florida Baptist College is looking for the future church worker in every church so that we can build upon the foundation already laid by parents, pastors, and teachers thus equipping young people for the work of the ministry.

1. North Florida Baptist College, as a private educational institution, is free to control the admission and attendance of students. No person has a right to attend North Florida Baptist College.

2. Attendance at North Florida Baptist College is a privilege, and this privilege may be forfeited by any student who does not conform to its rules and regulations or who is not willing to adjust himself to its environment.

3. At North Florida Baptist College, we are not looking to grow the student body with many young people and adults just because they claim to be Christians. We are looking for young people and adults who are sold-out believers dedicated to the task of pleasing and glorifying God with their lives and bodies. We are not a reform school.

4. At North Florida Baptist College, we desire to work with young people and adults who have a basic foundation in being independent, fundamental Baptists and who are seeking to grow from that point. NFBC only accepts students from independent, fundamental Baptist churches.

5. A brand-new Christian will be encouraged to stay home under his pastor and local church ministry until he grows for a year or two and his pastor feels it is the proper time for him to enroll in North Florida Baptist College.

6. It is the general policy of North Florida Baptist College not to accept students who have been divorced and are currently single. 

7. Applicants must have earned a high school diploma or must have passed the General Educational Development Test (GED). 

8. All incoming freshmen are required to submit ACT scores to the Admissions Office for final acceptance. The ACT is not required of students if they have earned at least sixty semester hours from another recognized college or university. For those students who have not had the opportunity to schedule taking the ACT on a national test date, arrangements can be made for testing at North Florida Baptist College prior to enrollment.

9. Married men must be at least twenty years old by the first day of registration to attend classes that semester.

10. Married women must be at least nineteen years old by the first day of registration to attend classes that semester.

11. Every student must be either a high school graduate or a GED graduate by the first day of registration to attend classes that semester.

12. North Florida Baptist College will not accept any transfer students who still have outstanding balances with another Bible college or other educational institution.