Course Descriptions

SC101 Biology – This course is a study of the fundamental principles and characteristics of living organisms; classification, similarities, and differences between plants and animals; and reproduction and development of seeds, plants, and animals. An introduction to the principles of heredity and the Biblical answer to the problems of organic evolution are discussed.
One semester, three hours

SC201 Physical Science – This is a survey course including such topics as the history and objectives of natural science, origins of modern science in the Renaissance, introduction to Newtonian mechanics, electric and magnetic phenomena, atomic and molecular theory, chemical terminology, geology and the structure of the earth, as well as astronomy of the solar system and the universe.
One semester, three hours

SC203 Basic Physics I – This is a course presenting the foundations of classical physics with applications to motion, forces, and energy.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – MA101

SC204 Basic Physics II – This is a continuing course that includes the study of wave motion, optics, and sound.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – SC203

SC302 General Chemistry – This course is an introduction to atomic and molecular structure, the periodic classification of elements, chemical terminology, bonding and compounds, properties of matter in various states, chemical reactions and stoichiometry, solutions, electrochemistry, oxidation-reduction, organic chemistry, and acid-base equilibria and titration.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – MA101

SC410 Anatomy and Physiology I – This is a course designed to be an in-depth study of the body and how it works.
One semester, three hours

SC411 Anatomy and Physiology II – This is a continuing study of the body systems in a more intense setting.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – SC410

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