Course Descriptions

PS110 Christian Conduct – This course is designed to introduce the student to propriety and protocol for the ministry and for life.
One semester, two hours

PS112 Christian Leadership Principles – This course takes the student through the basics of followship with a distinct Christian perspective. Emphasis is placed on having a Scriptural attitude in life and building from this a successful foundation for Christian service.
One semester, two hours

PS201 General Psychology – This is a course on how to understand one’s self and others.
One semester, two hours

PS205 Child Psychology – This course is designed for teachers and leaders of children and youth. It gives consideration to the psychological factors in the maturing and growth of the child. It tends to help the student to search out the basis for children’s actions and enables the leader to better understand the child physically, morally, socially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – PS201

PS207 Christian Marriage and Family – The course is designed as preparation for marriage giving students some instruction in finding a mate and of the interaction which takes place in marriage and family life.
One semester, two hours

ED212 Educational Psychology – The course uses psychology in the classroom through case studies and situations.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – PS201

PS409 Principles of Counseling – This course is designed to give students a solid foundation to provide Biblical counseling in a church setting. Students will be examining typical situations faced in the church ministry along with Scriptural solutions.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – PS201

PS421 Pastoral Counseling – This course presents Scriptural principles and practices for helping those who physically, mentally, psychologically, and especially spiritually need counsel in addition to detailed studies in counseling youth, engaged couples, and those with marital problems.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – PS201

PS422 Essentials of Student Counseling – This course gives instruction concerning guidance and counseling in the Christian school.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – PS201

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