Office Administration

Course Descriptions

OA101 Personal Finance – This course is a study of economic and personal goals including personal budgeting, credit buying, borrowing money, banking facilities, the nature of investments, life insurance, casualty insurance, medical insurance, home ownership, stocks and bonds, and retirement plans.
One semester, two hours

OA103 Filing and Records Management – This course covers methods and procedures for filing.
One semester, two hours

OA201 Keyboarding I – This course is designed to teach the proper keyboarding techniques. This study places an emphasis on rhythm and speed.
One semester, five hours

OA202 Keyboarding II – This course is a continued study of keyboarding techniques.
One semester, five hours Prerequisite – OA201

OA205 Desktop Publishing – This course is designed for individuals who would like to learn multimedia technology. The course will include such topics as determining what technology to use and how to use it most effectively. Computer graphics will be highlighted as well as other visual aids such as charts, posters, slides, and transparencies. The course includes skills leading to the development of newsletters, brochures, technical papers, and annual reports.
One semester, three hours

OA221 Basic Accounting – This course is a practical application of basic accounting principles and practices including data accumulation systems, income measurement, valuation of assets and liabilities, and the study of financial statements. The course incorporates QuickBooks software or comparable software for preparing financial statements. Other topics will include receivables and payables, payroll, internal control procedures, and the use of data processing.
One semester, three hours

OA222 Proofreading and Editing – This course is designed to give practical tips and experience in proofreading and editing various documents.
One semester, two hours

OA301 Transcription I – This is an intensive development of the following principles: Speed and accuracy in recording, reading, and transcribing dictation.
One semester, five hours Prerequisites – EN102, OA202

OA302 Transcription II – This is a continuing development of the principles of transcription skills including spelling, punctuation, and English grammar to produce error-free documents.
One semester, five hours Prerequisite – OA301

OA303 Database Applications – This course is aimed at familiarizing students with the roles and advantages of databases including an introduction to programming in a database language.
One semester, two hours

OA312 Office Communications – This is an introductory course designed to help students develop skills of effective and professional communication in the work environment. Students will develop skills of communication in written, oral, and verbal messages.
One semester, two hours

OA404 Practical Layout Applications – This course builds on the techniques learned in InDesign I and Photoshop I by incorporating them into church publications such as bulletins, invitation cards, tracts, and flyers.
One semester, three hours Prerequisites – CC 221, CC315

OA410 Church Finance – This is a study of the methods and means used in running the financial affairs of successful churches and schools. Prime emphasis is given to the preparation of the budgets and the control of expenditures in order to balance them with the operational budget. This course deals with the financial aspects of the pastorate including budgets, financial management, business meetings, loans, insurance, incorporation, personnel policies, social security, and taxes.
One semester, three hours

OA412 Secretary Internship – Students will be assigned to work in a ministry office. Evaluation will be based on efficiency, dependability, punctuality, accuracy, and attitude.
One semester, eight hours