Course Descriptions

MU101 Fundamentals of Music – This course is a study of the basics of music including notation, basic forms of rhythm, music terminology, and intervals.
One semester, two hours

MU102 Music Theory I – Beginning with a comprehensive review of the basic materials of theory, this course covers a detailed study of key signatures, rhythm, intervals, complex time signatures, and scales including an introduction to chord building, transposing, and harmony analysis.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – MU101

MU120 Piano Techniques I – This course is a group piano class for music students with little or no keyboard experience teaching fundamentals of music, major scales, arpeggios, key signatures, and proper playing techniques.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MU101

MU121 Piano Techniques II – In this course, students will continue their study of scales and chords, finger exercises, note reading, and basic theory.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MU120

MU197 Private Piano Lessons – This is private instruction based on the skill level of the individual from the intermediate to the advanced pianist.
Eight semesters, one hour each (Music Majors only)

MU198 Private Instrumental Lessons – This is private instruction based on the skill level of the individual from the beginner to the advanced instrumentalist.
Eight semesters, one hour each (Music Majors only)

MU 199 Music Internship – This is a directed study course with the purpose of giving the music major practical training in the music ministries of the local church. The student, under the direction of the music director, will learn techniques and styles of a choir, ensemble, orchestra, or other related ministries.
Eight semesters, one hour each (Music Majors only)

MU201 Music Theory II – This course is a practical application of transposition, extensive chord study including inversions, rhythmic dictation, and two-part harmony with major chords.
One Semester, three hours Prerequisite – MU102

MU202 Music Theory III – This course includes further chord study, rules of harmonizing, transposing for instruments, four-part writing, and arranging for voices, brass, woodwind, strings, and piano.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – MU201

MU220 Piano Techniques III – This course will continue the student’s study of scales and chords, help to develop finger dexterity, and to continue note reading at a more intermediate level.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MU121

MU221 Piano Techniques IV – In this course, students will continue previous studies as well as an introduction to hymn playing in basic key signatures.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MU220

MU230 Music Ministry Administration – This course will discuss the philosophy, organizational techniques, resources, and repertoire of the effective music ministry of the local church. Students will also learn basic conducting patterns to use for song leading. Qualifications and responsibilities, staff relationships, service planning and scheduling, and music library and copyright laws will be discussed as well.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MU102 (Music Majors only)

MU235 Instrumental Techniques – This course is taught in a group setting for music majors with little or no experience with instruments covering basic techniques and methods of breathing, fingering, embouchure placement, and care. Music majors will also learn how to write music for each instrument including key and clef.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MU101

MU301 Music Theory IV – This course is a continuing study including form, cadences, non-harmonic tones, modulation, advanced chord study, key relationships, and arranging and writing for orchestra or piano depending on chosen proficiency.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – MU202

MU310 Philosophy of Music – This course offers an in-depth study of the Biblical philosophy of music, including the role of music in the local church service and measuring current musical trends and their roots in light of God’s Word.
One semester, two hours

MU320 Hymnology – This course is a study in understanding and appreciating our heritage of hymns and Gospel songs with the purpose of preserving this heritage of congregational singing for the generations to come.
One semester, two hours

MU340 Instrumental Methods I – This course is a study of the basic fingering, tonguing, care, and pedagogy of the flute, single-reed woodwinds, and double-reed instruments including a brief overview of the basic techniques in playing all the concert percussion instruments.
One semester, two hours

MU341 Instrumental Methods II – This course is a study of the basic fingering, tonguing, care, and pedagogy of the trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, and tuba as well as a brief overview of the basic fingering, bowing, care, and pedagogy of the violin, viola, cello, and string bass.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MU340

MU365 Hymn Arrangement and Accompaniment – This course will teach how to effectively arrange a hymn for offertories, invitation, or other special events. Students will learn how to creatively begin and end a hymn effectively, to transpose a hymn from one key to another, to use different techniques such as chord substitution, rubato piano playing, and chord inversions. Students will also learn the basic techniques and principles of accompaniment for choirs, solos, congregational singing, and various ensembles.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – Five semesters of MU197

MU370 Music Technologies – This course is designed to help students become familiar with composing and arranging software Finale PrintMusic®. Students will be required to produce their own compositions and arrangements using software programs.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – MU301

MU430 Conducting – This course covers fundamental beat patterns, basic conducting techniques, including phrasing and articulation, and hand independence. Students will be taught choral and score study and will be able to conduct these areas effectively.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MU101

MU440 Piano Pedagogy – This course explores the methods, materials, and objectives of effective piano instruction in a private or classroom setting at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. This course also includes planning a recital, motivating the piano student, and keeping the communication open with parents of young students. Students will also be required to show practical application of the skills that they have learned.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – Six semesters of MU197

MU460 Teaching Music in the Christian School – This is a systematic approach to teaching music in the Christian school in which students will learn activities, music notation, and singing skills that should be taught at each grade level from kindergarten through high school. Students will also be taught how to organize, plan, and conduct school programs, teen choir, and ensembles.
One semester, two hours

MU470 Senior Recital – All music majors must present a senior recital in their proficiency.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – Permission of instructor

MU475 Music Practicum – Music students will work alongside the Chairman of the Music Department and assist in event planning, chapel music, church music, and other areas of practical learning.
One semester, three hours (Music Education Majors only)