Course Descriptions

MI201 Introduction to Missions – This is an introductory course designed to study the Biblical basis for missions consisting of an in-depth study of the Great Commission, the role of the local church, and an overview of a missionary’s call, preparation, and the ministry of deputation.
One semester, two hours

MI204 Biographies of Great Men – In this exciting course, we will discuss the lives and ministries of men who were greatly used by God to alter villages, regions, cities, and countries for the cause of Christ.
One semester, two hours

MI208 History of Missions – From Abraham to Paul to William Carey, this course will provide a thorough understanding of the beginning points of world evangelism and missionaries.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MI201

MI220 World Missions – This course is a philosophical approach to world missions focusing on developing a vision to reach the world.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MI201

MI304 The Missionary and His Family – This course will provide helpful instruction and highlight the pitfalls that must be avoided regarding the missionary’s love and care for his family.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – MI201

MI308 Missionary Economics and Finances – This course will instruct the missionary in the areas of taxes, exchange rates, financial planning, personal and ministry expenses, and various business matters.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MI201

MI322 Missionary Relationships – This is a course presenting the relationship of missionaries to each other, with the mission board, with pastors and supporting churches, and his own personal life and family life on deputation and on the field.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MI201

MI401 Missionary Practical Helps – This is a course giving limited instruction in areas such as construction, mechanics, clerical, medical, foreign travel, and education.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – MI201

MI432 Missionary Deputation – This course prepares the missionary for choosing a mission board, family life on deputation, planning a survey trip, contacting pastors to arrange meetings, presenting the missionary and the field of service to the pastor and people, preaching on deputation, and creating prayer cards, newsletters.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – MI201

MI440 Short-term Missions Trip – This course provides a hands-on experience for the student to be in a mission field setting. The student with a mission’s major will be required to take at least one missions trip during their junior or senior year unless otherwise approved by the Administration.

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