Ladies Ministries

Course Descriptions

LM102 Christian Womanhood – This course is designed to help women develop the character traits needed to be a Christian lady as described in Proverbs 31.
One semester, two hours

LM204 Women of the Bible – This course focuses a variety of women from the Old and New Testaments.
One semester, two hours

LM220 Managing a Ministry Home – This course will aid young ladies to be “…keepers at home…” as commanded in Titus 2:5 by learning to balance the ministry and the home.
One semester, two hours

LM230 Ministry of Encouragement – This course is designed to help young ladies learn to be an encourager by discovering the secret to enriching the lives of all those with whom she has relationships.
One semester, one hour

LM263 The Wife of the Leader – This course is designed to give the young lady exposure to the many facets of the role of the leader’s wife by exploring topics such as loyalty, dying to self, priorities, attire, budgeting, handling criticism, and leadership roles.
One semester, two hours

LM264 Preparation for Marriage – This is a course focusing on the virtues listed in Titus 2. Topics to be discussed include dating, engagement, and preparing to be a good wife.
One semester, two hours

LM302 Leading a Ladies Ministry – This course is designed to train young ladies for future ministry by teaching how to be the right kind of woman and leading other ladies to do the same.
One semester, two hours

LM303 The Secretary in the Ministry – This is a study in the unique service the secretary can render in the local church covering the complete spectrum of secretarial duties.
One semester, two hours

LM308 Decorating for Special Events – This is a study of the types of decorations to be used for showers, weddings, anniversaries, banquets, and entertaining special guests.
One semester, two hours

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