Course Descriptions

HI101 History of Civilization I – This class is a study of the history of man from the beginning of written records to the present day including the cultural developments of principal countries.
One semester, three hours

HI201 Baptist History I – This is a course that studies the history of the local church, its founding from the days of Christ, and development and growth through the Middle Ages. Special emphasis is given to the history of Baptists and history of the Bible.
One semester, two hours

HI202 Baptist History II – This course is a continued history of the local church from the Middle Ages to the present, with special emphasis on the Baptist movement in America.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – HI201

HI301 United States History – This course is a chronological study of America from its colonial beginnings through the circumstances that helped shape the United States of America into a global military power.
One semester, three hours

HI315 The Age of Reformation – This course studies the consideration of the political and religious developments of sixteenth-century Europe. Considerable attention is given to the works of Martin Luther, John Calvin, the English Reformation, and the Anabaptists.
One semester, three hours

HI403 Recent American History – This course is a study of the political, economic, social, and cultural history of the United States since 1900.
One semester, two hours

HI422 History of Evangelism and Evangelists – This course is a study of revivals and evangelism since the time of the Reformation through various periods in history when God worked in unusual ways.
One semester, two hours

HI424 History of the South – This course is a study of the political, economical, social, and cultural history of the South since the Colonial era.
One semester, three hours

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