Church Communications Department

Course Descriptions

CC101 Computer Basics – This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of computers for their college career. It begins with an examination of file systems and file management and progresses to training in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
One semester, three hours

CC121 Web Design I: Fundamentals of Web Design – In this course, the student will learn the importance of web design in the ministry and the basics of HTML and CSS that will help lay the foundation for being able to code and build websites for the church.
One semester, two hours

CC130 Digital Photography I: Intro to Digital Photography – Designed with the beginner photographer in mind, this course will give students an overview of how to use a DSLR camera and all of the key functions. Students will learn the core terminology and features that will help them understand exactly how the camera works.
One semester, one hour

CC131 Digital Photography II: Advanced Fundamentals of Digital Photography – This course is designed to give students the confidence to move from Auto mode to Manual mode. Students will learn how to take what was previously learned and apply each setting to different situations to give photos a balanced and professional touch.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC130

CC140 Video Production I: Introduction to Video – This course is designed to give students an understanding of the basics of video production. From terminology to finding the right equipment to knowing how to use a camera correctly, the student will gain a solid foundation.
One semester, one hour

CC141 Video Production II: Storyboard and Script Writing – Students learn to streamline video production with proper planning and preparation. This course will teach the student the steps needed to produce a great video before touching a camera by learning the fundamentals of drafting a solid storyboard and preparing a script correctly.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC140

CC201 Computer Hardware – This course gives students a thorough understanding of modern computing devices and how they operate. Students are taught about the major systems found in computing devices including processors, memory, and storage covering both personal computers and mobile devices.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – CC101

CC210 Fundamentals of Design – This course gives students the basic understanding of graphic design concepts. Concepts include unity, composition, balance, proportion, color theory, and photography in design. Students will see real-world examples of these concepts and complete projects of their own to reinforce their understanding.
One semester, two hours

CC211 Photoshop I: Photoshop Fundamentals – This course is the entry-level course for Adobe Photoshop. Students will be introduced to Adobe Creative Cloud and the Photoshop user interface. Students will learn about the menus and tools inside Photoshop along with gaining an understanding of layers and image formats.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – CC210

CC220 Web Design II: Principles of Church Web Design – In this course, students will learn the core pages and features that make a great church website as well as knowing how to formulate project costs to give the financial department an accurate projection of the total amount it will take to build each site.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC121

CC221 Web Design III: Design and Layout – Students will learn efficiently and effectively to plan a website from start to finish before beginning the building process. This course is designed to help map out concise wireframes, to create functional layout designs and patterns, as well as to make sure the flow of the website has a consistent look and feel.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – CC220

CC230 Digital Photography III: Location, Lighting, and Framing – With the knowledge of how to use a camera, the student will get an in-depth look at how to effectively frame a picture in different venues and lighting conditions. The student will learn the tools and methods used to take a great picture whether with a cell phone or with a DSLR camera.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC131

CC231 Digital Photography IV: Portrait and Landscape Photography – This course will give the student a solid grasp of the methods and techniques used to take proper portrait and landscape pictures that will help give the church’s graphics and web design a first-class look.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC230

CC240 Video Production III: Lighting and Location – This course is designed to help the student in choosing locations and how to deal with various lighting situations. Whether shooting a video inside the church or making a promotional video using the church’s landscape, the student will learn the basics of how to use each venue in distinct ways.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC141

CC241 Video Production IV: Framing and Shooting – This course will take what the student has planned on paper and turn it into a quality video by exploring the fundamentals of framing shots with audio, scenery angles, and use of drones.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC241

CC250 Principles of Sound Reinforcement – Students will learn the basics of how sound is generated, how it travels, and how it is perceived by a listener. This class explores the frequency range of the human voice and of human hearing. Students also will learn common problems found in sound reinforcement environments and how to correct for them.
One semester, two hours

CC251 Live Sound Systems – This course will follow the signal chain from the microphone, to the mixer, to the amplifiers, and to the loudspeaker. Students will gain a technical understanding of the equipment and concepts found in modern sound systems.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – CC250

CC311 Photoshop II: Intermediate Photoshop – This course is a more in-depth discussion of topics such as blending modes, image correction, and masking.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – CC211

CC312 Photoshop III: Advanced Photoshop Techniques – This final course will have students exploring filters and patterns, creating color channels, working with and creating actions, and exploring 3D tools.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – CC311

CC313 Illustrator I: Illustrator Fundamentals – This course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the menus and tools found in Adobe Illustrator. Students will gain a thorough understanding of vector images and their uses.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – CC211

CC314 Illustrator II: Intermediate Illustrator – This course will expand upon topics such as distortions, gradient meshes, envelopes, and blends. Students will gain extensive experience with the pen tool.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – CC313

CC315 InDesign I: InDesign Fundamentals – This is an introductory course for students to explore the user interface and to learn about menus and tools. Students will learn to set type and to work with graphics and images.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – CC211 (Church Communications Degree only)

CC320 Church Web Design I: UX Design and Integration I – This course is designed to walk the student through setting up a hosting account, domain registration, and building the framework for the website. The wireframe and layouts created previously will be used to start building the basis for the student’s website.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – CC221

CC321 Church Web Design II: UX Design and Integration II – This course is designed to help students tell the story of the church through the graphics and media chosen. Students will finish building their websites as well as learn how to run quality control to test the functionality of the UX and the experience users will have on all devices.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – CC320

CC330 Digital Photography V: Post Editing Basics – In this course, the student will learn the basics of various photo editing programs from Lightroom to mobile programs that will help speed up the workflow whether at home or on the go.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC231

CC331 Digital Photography VI: Advanced Editing – This course will discuss advanced Lightroom techniques such as working inside Raw, stylizing photos, working with fog and rain, and color grading.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC330

CC340 Video Production V: Post Video Editing I – The students will learn the fundamentals of video editing with a foundation in sequencing, audio, and file management that will help create powerful and professional-looking videos.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC241

CC341 Video Production VI: Post Video Editing II – The student will learn more advanced techniques on how to add effects and stylize video, color grading, and exporting for specific platforms.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC340

CC401 Computer Networking Concepts – This course is designed to give the student an understanding of the concepts and processes necessary to design, build, and maintain a small computer network including network hardware, network wiring, IP addressing, DNS, DHCP, routing, and security.
One semester, two hours Prerequisite – CC201

CC410 Typography – This course is an in-depth look into text including physical attributes of type, type family classifications, legibility, and layout design aspects.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC210

CC415 InDesign II: Intermediate InDesign – Students will learn to work with styles for both text and objects and will learn to use master pages and master items needed for print layout.
One semester, three hours Prerequisite – CC315

CC416 Outputting and Adobe Acrobat – This course is designed to give the student an understanding of the processes necessary to send a project off to press including bleeds, registration, CMYK separations, and soft proofing. Students will also learn the tools available to them in Adobe Acrobat for the handling of PDF files.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC415

CC420 Church Web Design III: Marketing and Branding – From email marketing to building a presence on search engines, students will learn the basics of how each platform works and when to use them.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC321

CC421 Social Media Marketing – Students will learn how to use three major platforms to convey the church’s message effectively as well as learn about the tools and methods that make this process easier and gives the church a first-class look online.
One semester, one hour

CC430 Digital Photography VII: Using Photography for Ministry – This course will discuss real-world applications and how to handle certain events and venues. Students will learn how to frame pictures for different social media platforms and help the church’s graphics and web team.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC331

CC431 Digital Photography VIII: Real-World Application – This course will cover marketing, getting clients, pricing structure, and getting paid, in addition to using the student’s previous knowledge to help fund projects and ministries through scheduling photography jobs.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC430

CC440 Video Production VII: Fundamentals of Livestreaming – This course is designed to give the student a framework for setting up a live stream for a church. The student will learn what to look for when choosing equipment, how to set it up correctly, and how to manage a team during church services when running live video.
One semester, one hour Prerequisite – CC341

CC441 Video Production VIII: Marketing and Social Media – This course will teach the different types of videos to create for the church, how to edit them for each platform, and how to create a reliable workflow among the church’s media team.
One semester, one hour Prerequisites – CC421, CC440